A smart school district or local government knows its community. It knows what its voters want. It knows how its voters receive their information. It knows how it is perceived by the community.

How can you keep your finger on the pulse of your community? Community surveys.

A school district or local government that regularly surveys its community will always have a leg up when it comes time to ask the community for their support.

Some elements of a community survey:

  • Performance questions. Testing community perceptions of overall performance, financial performance, service delivery performance, or academic performance are fundamental.
  • Information sources in the community. How does the community receive its information? Is there positive or negative information being heard in the community? What information does the community care about most?
  • Identify community goals and priorities. What are the most important goals for the next five years? What are the community’s service, infrastructure, and financial priorities?

Nelson Research specializes in community surveys. We will gladly guide you through the process of constructing a community survey that meets your specific needs.

Understanding your community, its priorities, and its perceptions of your performance will keep you well informed and poised for success when it’s time to ask your community for their support.