Welcome to Nelson Research

Since 1980, the leading provider of public opinion survey research and polling for school districts, local government, businesses, political candidates and industry groups across the Pacific Northwest and the US.

40 Years of Winning Research & Strategies

Since 1980, Nelson Research has provided public opinion research for 97 school districts across the United States. Nelson Research clients include local governments, community colleges, special districts, major employers, industry groups, and statewide and local ballot measures.

Clear, Accurate & Insightful Information

We stake our reputation on these three objectives. We understand that our clients make major decisions based on our data. Nelson Research uses proprietary methodology that cuts through the clutter and delivers clear and accurate information to our clients. 

Delivering Value for Every Client

We pride ourselves on the unparalleled value that we deliver to all of our clients. We understand that most clients do not have unlimited resources with which to conduct public opinion research. Nelson Research maximizes the data you receive per dollar spent. No one delivers more value.


Community Focused Surveys

A smart school district or local government knows its community. It knows what its voters want. It knows how its voters receive their information. It knows how it is perceived by the community.

How can you keep your finger on the pulse of your community? Community surveys.