After our clients, Nelson Research values the integrity of its survey research process above all else.

Here is how we ensure client satisfaction:

  • Live Telephone Surveys. Live telephone surveys are the most efficient and accurate method for collecting information from a representative sample of a larger community of people. Nelson Research surveys always include a representative sample of cell phone users in its polling research.
  • Online Surveys.
  • Text to Mobile Surveys.
  • Specialized Training. All Nelson Research Staff are trained, monitored and mentored in house consistent with our methods for conducting survey research and polling.
  • Intuitive, Easy To Understand Data. Nelson Research surveys produce intuitive, easy-to-understand data that demonstrates clearly how each demographic responds to each survey question.
  • Executive Summaries. Each client receives an Executive Summary at the conclusion of each survey. Nelson Research Executive Summaries are superior at distilling and prioritizing the data from each survey and teasing out the issues and messages that will win your next campaign.
  • No Sugar-Coating. Quite simply, we don’t tell our clients what we think they want to hear. We don’t take part in constructing surveys or skewing demographics to achieve a desired or pre-determined result. If you want serious data from which to make serious decisions, Nelson Research is your choice.
  • Value. Our customer-driven focus and business model means that every client receives more data and more value per survey. We recognize that available resources for survey research can be limited, particularly for school districts and local governments, but we are driven in our belief that high quality data is the basis of good decision-making and should be accessible to everyone.