Nelson Research is a leading provider of public opinion survey research and polling for school districts, local government, business and industry groups across the Pacific Northwest and the US since 1980.  Here is a sampling of the polling work we perform for our clients:

Community Survey Research

These surveys, best performed at regular intervals, are designed to begin a dialogue with the community to find out public perceptions about the school district or local government entity related to performance, money management, and what the public believes the future priorities should be. This type of survey can also test what projects may be included in a future bond measure, as well as price points, to help clients put together a bond measure that reflects the community’s priorities.

Benchmark Surveys for Money Measures

These surveys are used to determine voter support for a specific bond measure or levy proposal.  The results from this type of survey are a guidebook not only for the district's decision-making process but also in terms of what messages should be used in a campaign.

Industry/Business Perception Surveys

These surveys inform our clients how they and their issues are perceived by the public. This type of polling work will often inform strategic planning of an organization.

Issues & Messaging Surveys

Issues & messaging surveys are often employed to get a more in depth understanding of how voters view a particular issue, who they trust to talk about that issue, what messages resonate most deeply with the public, and what information is needed to either solidify or change opinions about the issue.

Ballot Measure Surveys

These surveys are typically performed three to six months prior to a statewide or local ballot measure campaign.  These surveys are used to inform a campaign exactly where the voters are and what messages are important to moving the debate and winning the campaign.  Surveys typically form the basis of an overall campaign strategy.

Political Candidate Surveys

These surveys are typically performed several months in advance of an election.  This type of polling is used to understand voter attitudes, perceptions of the candidate, what issues are most salient to the community’s voters, and how the candidate should talk about those issues. Surveys form the basis of an overall messaging campaign from political candidates.

Membership Feedback Surveys

These surveys are a useful tool for membership-based industry groups or associations to better understand member satisfaction, member priorities, and perceptions of the organization.  This often helps association executives and leadership to better understand the association’s value proposition and with fulfillment of its core mission.

Tracking Surveys

These surveys are usually performed in regular intervals after a campaign is underway.  Tracking polls are a snapshot of where voters are at that particular moment and can be used to detect changes in voter preferences and perceptions.  Tracking polls often inform mid-course campaign adjustments.

Exit Survey Research

Exit surveys are conducted with voters specifically after an election loss. This type of survey is designed to explore why a particular proposal was unsuccessful and to help clients determine whether there are changes that can be made to the proposal to ensure a greater chance of success in the future.